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Formscape users Upgrading to Transform


Hi to all.

I want to contact other formscape users evaluating the upgrade to transform.

Today we where contacted by our reseller and they gave us a quote regarding the upgrade to Transform.

In this quote there were fee changes regarding the annual maintenance amounts, also optional consultant services for making the "upgrade" and the most surprising to us, license fee for the Transform Designer.

As a summary, they told us that we need to "buy" new licenses for designer, as the "upgrade" only cover server license.

Up to now all our software were upgraded with no additional costs for the licenses we already own while we are current on maintenance, this is the first case that in despite of being current we are asked (or forced) to pay again licenses to be able to stay in a supported product

Has any of you faced a similar approach?

Thanks for the information


Yes, we have already upgraded from coVus/Formscape to Transform because EnterpriseOne 9 is only supported with Transform.

And we have to bought Transform Designer licences,too.
The Formscape Designer is still there (Version 4) but i think you have to buy new licences, too.




I came here to see if anyone as implemented TransformAP and this post caught my eye. I'm not a Formscape person but Bottomline did the same thing to me when I tried to get my "free" Create!form upgrade last spring. For me they wanted to bundle $23K in professional services just to upgrade from our current version of Create!form to Transform with CTIS (Create!form v7). If I was going to upgrade all the way into the Transform solution I had to purchase TransformDesigner AND re-create all my projects from scratch.

I could never justify the cost of the "free" upgrade so we have just stayed where are. I worked for another company that had no choice but to go with the "free" upgrade. In that case the only way they could get BT to release the software to them was to send a PO for services so they could charge us if we needed help. BT was pretty adamant that we would not be able to install, configure and upgrade the projects without assistance.

It's an odd way of doing business, I feel for you Formscape people. At least on the Create!form side we can upgrade to Transform with CTIS and not have to buy software we already own.



When we contacted BT before upgrading to E900 (2010), they had not even tested version FS4 against JDE9. We were able to upgrade to 9.0 and saw very few changes to the OSA data coming across. Mostly the date format of date/time field in default job variables. It had changed to include slashes and colons. Other than that we have had no changes to our code and FS4 works perfectly with JDE9. In fact for many of our jobs it seemed to work much better than B7334.

I believe BT is just trying to push people to their Transform product and pushing consulting fees because "you'll never be able to do the upgrade alone" or so they assure me, as well as the normal effort to make clients current. They quoted me 4 days of work on their end to complete the upgrade. We never got to the software fees because we were able to prove that the current version of FS works fine with JDE9 and how many upgrades do you want to juggle at once?


Hi to all.

Thanks for the input.

Finally we got the free server upgrade an a Bottomline confirmation that the current Formscape designer is supported but we wont get the new transform features. He said that we can constinue to use and develop new projects with the current formscape v3.4 designer over the new transform server, and also edit and modify our current reports. We don't use OSA we use always a virtual printer and folders, so this part should not affect us when going 9.0 (we are on XE)

We have signed the upgrade (with no cost) and they will send us the upgrade and a demo of the new designer for us to evaluate if the new features are worth the costs.

As we have the formscape server virtualized, we will clone it and test the upgrade in the clone so I will comment here our tests and any thing we found during the upgrade.