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Formscape 2.4 vs 3



We currently run Formscape 2.4 but apparantly support for this version ends in February next year. Has anyone on this forum upgraded from 2.4 to 3?

Does anyone know what new features Formscape 3 has that would make someone want to upgrade?

Please let me know.



If running a few projects that only employ the basic page bank processing and likewise few branch shortcuts, then v2.4.2 will probably serve well. It's not clear whether v3 improves OSA support since you have to turn on legacy 2.4.2 support to get it to connect to JDE OW.

Clustering Support is better in v3. FormScape Administrator (new) provides better change management capability. It does not have a true change management package; it just has better tools in the developer with which to adhere to good practices. For example, the security access managed by the FormScape Administrator, a good idea reasonably well implemented. Also within the Administrator are better branch log monitors. Unlike the old log.txt file, which logged everything into a single file with a size limit that automatically truncated the file when its maximum is reached, it now keeps separate logs for each active branch process with inbuilt search capabilities. CAVEAT: none of the new logs are automatically deleted; they just get closed and a new one is opened every 24 hours. So every so often you need to delete them for yourself manually or create a DOS batch process to delete them or something to that effect. The developer has tabs replacing window tiles, a great improvement over the old. The development environment has enough look and feel like the old to be familiar yet new features that may require some effort to learn and manage.

If the maintenance contract is current, then get it even if there is an additional cost. And if needing clustering support or are doing clustering, then v3 is probably a must have. Overall, it is a plus to get despite needing to re-learn the Developer.


How different is Developer in V3 compared to 2.4.2. We are looking at upgrading as well since we only have about 3 weeks left before it is retired. Will our projects stay the same or will they need to be converted?



It is unlikely that projects will significantly change, if at all. You can ask that FormScape review your projects for any potential issues. They will probably insist that they do that unless you sign waiver’s about supporting the migration period--just kidding. But they may threaten charge you for support during the migration if they do not perform a review. Frankly, a good migration plan should include that review but not necessarily performed by a vendor. Your own developer should do that. But it’s like catch-22, how to do it without the experience with the new version.

When it was done here it was done in conjunction with a server move to a clustered server to host FormScape. This is much more complicated and did require vendor assistance to set up the servers. But I digress too far. Inherent to that change were that paths to objects changed. FormScape v3.x now provides some excellent link management tools that help one automatically detect and repair changed links during a restore for migrations. We let FormScape do the review but it was unnecessary. Any competent developer can do it despite the catch-22 clause.

Currently we are trying to implement FormScape V3 Clustering but we are having problems with the FormScape Printers. If we print from JDE to the Virtual server it does not work if you print to the node of the cluster which is active it works. Any ideas.




Having converted over from V2.4 to V3 - make sure printer definitions are correct, or recreated... If using Lexmark printers, make sure drivers are correct as are separator pages.

Darkness of shading seems to be a problem.
I also can't resolve TABS. In v2.4 they convert out to spaces, but in V3 they drop to a new line. Any way that I can make them stay "old" style?
- I can't find any info on this in my serches.