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Bartek Czupa

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Does anyone know how to find a former KG document on new oracle/peoplesoft customer connection website or anywhere else?

For example searching for KG Document ID: OFN-99-0147 returns several answers from closed cases where this KG document is mentioned but how to find such the document? The same is true for other documents like oti-xx-xxx etc.


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Hi Bartek,

Download the attachments of the following Solution IDs from Customer Connection:

Solution ID 200971541:
>>> Technical Upgrade_Object Management Knowledge Documents IDs to Solution IDs

Solution ID 200971548:
>>> Technical Platform Knowledge Documents IDs to Solution IDs

Solution ID 200971550:
>>> Tools Knowledge Documents IDs to Solution IDs

They are Cross Reference between old KG IDs and new Solition IDs.
You can find the KG docs as attachment under the related Solution ID.

These three documents contain cross reference only for oti-, otm-, and ott- prefixed KG documents.

Hope, this is a little help for you.



P.S.: by the way, this information were publiced on JDEList more / several times

Robert Robinson

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Sounds like an item for a "Frequently Asked Questions" list, or maybe a new group, the "Knowledge Jungle Survival Guide" or "JDE Survival Tools" (the cross reference) is almost required knowledge (yes, pun), but if a person does not search quite right, they may not find it...