FormEngine.doEvent(): BSFN failed and need roll back


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My company has been on JDE 9.2 for four weeks after upgrading from JDE

The below error began manifesting late last week. From all of my research so far it appears to be pointing to a possible server issue.

Any thoughts or ideas regarding the cause of this issue would be greatly appreciated.



Jun 2019
[RUNTIME]FormEngine.doEvent(): BSFN failed and need roll back!! | Form Name :
P4021_W4021B com.jdedwards.runtime.base.SystemException: There was a problem
with the server while running the business function
LoadSupplyAndDemandData.\nThe server may still be available, but because of
state information, the entire unit of work must be resubmitted.\nPlease exit
the application and restart it.\nButton clicked Line number 14\nP4021_W4021B


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The function is failing on the enterprise server. The log you are displaying is from the web server. Find the user session in server manager and track to the attached enterprise server COK. Hopefully the log will show something obvious. I have see that function timeout as it loads as the S&D data. Please include your platform info (database and servers) in your posts.



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Thanks for the quick response Craig. Sorry I didn't include the database and servers. My company is on Oracle 12.2 and Oracle Linux 7.5. The CNC is currently checking the enterprise server.