formatting string into a phone #


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I have a Who's Who conversion in Enterprise 9.0 (release 9.1.04), basically I'm bringing in phone/fax numbers from an external system (csv) into JDE (Who's Who z-files). Unfortunately the phone/fax numbers in the csv (external system) are not consistently formatted, some have hyphens-dashes but most don't. We need to have all the numbers with hyphen-dashes. Is there a bsfn I can use or do I have to use System (text) functions and count length and insert the hypens-dashes myself? Any suggestions would be very much obliged...
OK, let's not all reply at the same time ...(sarcasm).

So I took a look at excel and noticed if I use a formula "=TEXT(1231231234,"000-000-0000")" I can scrub the numbers before the conversion. As much as i hate pre-conversion scrubbing, this looks to be the quickest and easiest work around. Just wanted to update in case someone else comes across this issue in the near future.
B011903 ParsePhoneNumber apparently formats into US format, though I've never used it.
It would be a good place to start with writing your own, as it's not a particularly complicated BSFN to create for the purpose.