E9.1 Form Service Request that will read all grid rows



I'm new to JDE AIS Form Service Request (FSR) API and inherited existing jderest/v2/appstack code for processing orders.
The existing code works and has a sequence of steps or methods within the appstack context.
After getting a new token to process an order each step or method uses the stackId, stateId (incremented for each subsequent step) and rid.

We have a new requirement to update a specific column of a grid row and the only thing we know is that the row will have a SEQ column with a specific value.
So, the grid will contain some number of rows, and one of the rows will have a known value in the SEQ column. That's the row that needs to be updated.

I have read in documentation that an update has to be done after a previous fetch so that the 0 based row can be determined before the update.

I need to add a new FSR step that will select all the the Grid Rows and return them in the response so that our portal code can then iterate over them to
determine the correct row index to be used in the update step that follows.

Can anyone help with how this can be done?

Thanks in advance!


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I've just done these courses and this sounds tricky

I'd cheat by either a QBE value for the row your want, so your grid response is just the value your want.
modify the APPL screen with a new RE updating each time but only if the criteria you want is true??