Form Interconnect using variables

Has anyone found a way to execute a form interconnect using
variables retrieved from a file instead of using the One World selection

I am attempting to execute an alternate form based on a value stored in a
table for a specific user. The table contains the form to be executed. I
do not want to use multiple IF events if I can avoid this.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Release B7333 (XE) SP 14.2

William C. Godfrey, BBA
Senior Programmer Analyst
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J. D. Irving, Limited


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If I understand you correctly what you are attempting to do is use one (1) Form InterConnect statement with a variable in place of a literal form name to connect to.

I 'm not sure what you mean by "... using the OneWorld Selection Screens". Are you referring to the process while coding of slecting the form to connect to?

At any rate I don't believe it is possible. One reason is that the Object Data Structure varies by object (Form) so that the argument list may be different for each form. This is why the definition is done within FDA.

Maybe someone else knows a trick, but in the meantime I'd start coding those IF - ELSEs.


Larry Jones
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OneWorld B733.1, SP 11.3
HPUX 11, Oracle SE 8.1.6
SandBox: OneWorld XE


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William, Larry

Larry is right as usual.
Just an addition:
You can call only that Forms via interconnect which has Form Interconnect Data Structure and as Larry mentioned, these structures are vary


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