E9.2 Form Extension - Add/Update Field

Mike Mackinnon

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I am adding a field using form extension and am having some difficulty getting the field working properly. I have added the field to the form (P03B102 | W03B102E) but when running the application the new field will only update when doing an update to existing record, it will not update when doing an add new record. I think I may just being missing checking a box or something but if someone knows how to change the setting so it will add this field value when adding a new record or update existing field when updating an existing record that would be great.

See attachment for my form extension....thanks!


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  • AR Receipt Entry Screen - Form Extension2.pdf
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I am having this same issue, can you please let me know if a bug has been created and I would like to follow it or add my name to it.

Mike Mackinnon

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Here is what Oracle support has provided for me:


I have not installed fix but will probably install once we get a chance and I will post the update here if it fixes our issue.

Mike Mackinnon

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Further notes:

To get the fix, apply the web only maintenance pack components, all 3 (AIS, HTML, Server Manager) which must be at the ssame tools release level (e.g. Refer to "Question 10: Can I update my Server Manager, AIS and HTML components with the web only maintenance pack and keep my other tools components at the full maintenance pack level?" in JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Tools Web Only Maintenance Packs Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) ( Doc ID 1997531.1 ).