Force Cursor to Last Grid Line on a Headerless Detail form in JDE


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I have designed a simple Headerless Detail Form in JDE and am trying to force the cursor on to the last grid line when it opens, in order for the user to enter new records on to the Grid. How best can I achieve this.

I tried the below :

Insert Grid Buffer Row(FC Grid, After Last Row, Yes, No, Yes, Yes, Yes) on the Last Record has been read.

This works only if you have less than 10 recs (i.e if it all falls on the first page itself)
For more than 25records
1. The cursor sits on the first line on the grid.
2. If you press the one arrow to go forward - it goes to the last line
3. if you press the page end arrow - it creates an extra blank line on top of the blank line where cursor is on

I see soultions mentioned with Delete Grid Row after the Insert Grid Buffer Row . Can someone please advise where to place the Delete Grid Row for this to work?.

Any help will be greatly appreciated
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