Flickering screen in Terminal Server


Hi guys:

I have a couple of users complaining about some of their screen flickering when running OneWorld through Terminal Server.
Have you any of you go through this and have any solution?
Thanks a lot


OneWorld Xe / SP 15.1
Windows 2000 / SQL 2000
Terminal Server with Citrix 1.8
This is probably what you want:
"The following SAR has changed: SAR Number 05227298 (TSE with Citrix screen refresh) has changed. The Planned Completion date changed from 08/31/01 to 09/15/01."
We have the flickering problem with service calls in CSMS and are patiently waiting for the fix.


Xe SP16 ES:AS/400 V4R5 DS:NT/SQLServer7
CO on DS, TSE/Citrix
I noticed that when I pull up a help screen that the flickering begins.

James Boes
System Application Analyst
Irwin Seating Company
If you set your colors to 16 instead of 256... then this will correct the
problem. It is also friendlier on band width.

But aesthetically speaking, things are a bit duller. However, my rose
colored glasses tend to brighten things up.

AS400 V4R5, XE+XU1+35ESUs, SP16, NT-SQL7 for CO
Check the citrix configuration and make sure the color setting is 16 colors.
The 256 color setting caused me to have the same problem on several

I changed the citrix configuration from 256 colors to 16 and the flickering dissaper, at least on the screens where I noted the problems.
Thanks to all