Flexible Sales Accounting


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I am reviewing the us of Flexible Sales Accounting in A7.3 Cum 10. Is any one using this aspect JD Edwards? and If so what are your short comings and what is your advise?


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We use it in a very minimal way to account for sales to Intercompany units.
We use Address Book Category Code 12 (could be any one of them but we picked
CC 12) to carry an Intercompany # for our intercompany customers. When we
have a sale the DMAAI #4230 drives the businessunit.objectaccount number,
and flexible accounting kicks in to drive the subsidiary number. Since most
customers have blank in Category Code 12 no subsidiary number is created for
them, but intercompany customers do have a 3 digit code in Cat Code 12 so a
BusUnit.Object.Sub account number is created.

What is the downside....certain G/L class codes (e.g., for non-productive
items) we don't want to drive into sales accounts and don't want multiple
accounts by Intercompany number created and used. However.....flex
accounting fires off anyway and you either have to add all these accounts in
your ledger or create multiple versions of the P42800 - Update Customer
Sales and turn on/off Flex Accounting on different versions. The problem
really gets tricky though when on one invoice you have some lines that you
want flex accounting for and other lines that you don't....(under those
circumstances we cheat....we temporarily change the AAIs and then change
them back....shhh....don't tell anybody).


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We use Flexible Sales Accounting extensively in my company. Feel free to
contact me if you have any specific questions.

It's a very valuable took and can help you in reducing the number of document
types required. My advise would be to think it through before trying to
implement it. You really need to map it out first to ensure that your needs
are going to be met. Probably the biggest short coming is that since this is
data driven, it is easier to have sales hitting accounts that you don't want
them to and harder to identify. For example, we use flex to determine the
market of a customer and this is a part of our business unit. If you have 50
markets using the same document type and a customer is setup in the wrong
market it's can easily hit the wrong business unit.


We are using Flex Acct in B7332 and works fine so far.
The users had a hard time at the beginning stages as they keep forgoten to
fill in the required fields used in Flex.

But after a series of hand-holding during go Live, they seems to be very
used to it now.

Since you are in World S/w, there is lesser risk to go for it compares to

Marshall, M'sia