Fixed Assets - Uploaded with Wrong Date Acquired


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While using the Fixed Asset interop inbound process to upload assets, the date acquired field was blank and the system took transaction date ( current system date) and uploaded. And I used JE to update the asset balance table without knowing the date issue.

Now, the depreciation is not working properly ( sure it will not).

I have tried updating the date using the same interop application and it successfully changed the Date Acquired field but still "Date - Beginning Effective " is the old date, so still the depreciation is not working.

How should I manage this case. Can I use SQL to update the date and it will give anything meaningful to my issue ?


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I have found the solution.

1. Update the SP flag to blank, and Transaction code to 03 ( Delete)
2. Run the interop report. It will remove all assets uploaded. It will also remove the balances.
3. Uploaded again the assets and balances.

Now, working fine.