Fixed Assets "FX" AAI's Setup


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Fixed Assets \"FX\" AAI\'s Setup

I am working on getting Fixed Assets (8.12) setup for a project in the future where we will be using all the functionality. Currently, there are assets set up for informational purposes only.

We are currently trying to transfer assets from one business unit to another. We have been able to to get Responsible Business Unit and Location to work and that is good in the short run.

However, whoever setup the AAIs used the same Business Unit for the beginning and ending range. Example:

Beginning Cost Account 400250.1500
Ending Cost Account 400250.1599.999999

I have attempted to change the range where the Beginning Cost Account is 800.1500 and keeping the Ending Cost Account the same.

However, when I use the Transfer Program changing the Cost Business Unit to 800 (with the Object Account, it is a valid posting account) I get the error:

Cost Account is not in Key G/L Range

Is there any other setup I need to do.

Also, we use the Equipment Master and wondering if there is a way to do transfers there without manually having to go into Equipment Master Revision.

Note: For compliance requirements, values used above are not the actual Business Unit or Object Account used but represent a similar range of values.


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Re: Fixed Assets \"FX\" AAI\'s Setup

Actual error:

062W Cost Account Not In Key G/L Range

Alex Blasenheim

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Re: Fixed Assets \"FX\" AAI\'s Setup

You do not need the business units in the FX AAI as long as your COA is uniform. This is standard practice.