Fixed Assets Disposal error


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We are on E1 9.0, tools 8.98.42.

Users have reported that when running the Mass Asset Disposal R12104, the assets seem to disposed correctly, the asset is flagged as disposed and the GL entries are created correctly. But in some cases the user is receiving an error in the Work Center. The error is below. We do not see anything in the jde.log and we only see these errors when run in FINAL mode not PRELIMINARY. This apparently has been happening for some time with no ill effect that we can see.

But now since its been noticed, its an item we would like to figure out. Any ideas or thoughts on this would be appreciated.

CAUSE . . . . A record does not exist in cache I09UI002 matching the key
passed in for the fetch.

RESOLUTION. . Verify the key being passed into the fetch is correct and that
a record exists in the cache matching that key. Check the
JDE.LOG and JDEDEBUG.LOG for additional information.