Fixed Assets Depreciation Start & End Dates

Simon H

Hi, Hope you can help. I am trying to set up the FA module to depreciate daily based on a 5-4-4 fiscal date pattern.

For example a 15000 that depreciates over 3 yrs 1098 days (Yr1=364+Yr2=370+Yr3=364)

What it should do for Yr 1:

What JDE is doing in yr 1:
(15000/1095)*364 =4986.30

The obvious difference is it is using 1095 as the Asset Life in Days (Element 13). When I review the R12855 days between the Start and End Date of the Asset the no. of days are 1095.

According to the fiscal date calendar this is 1098??? Why is JDE not calculating the Asset life to equal the fiscal date pattern? Ie. how is calculating the End Date of the Asset?