Fixed Asset - Negative Net Book Value


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Is there any chance the NBV of a fixed asset to be negative value ? Some assets in the Fixed Asset module shows NBV as negative and it happened during the February 2018. And for June 2018, the system suddenly adjusts the negative amounts which results in big drop in accumulated depreciation.
For May 2018, the accumulated depreciation for Computers was -5000.00, but for Jun 2018, it is just -73.00. When checked, we found the above issue. The system writes lot of positive values and it drops from -5000.00 to -73.00.

Is it normal or ... :confused:

Mike Mackinnon

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I would not think the NBV would be negative....never seen that. Does the asset still have an Equipment Status that allows for depreciation? Maybe check your formulas to ensure they are being used correctly (UBE R12855 will list how the depreciation is being calculated for each asset). Are you using a custom depreciation method?

Maybe provide some other information so that other people might be able to assist - depr method, in service date, effective, life periods, etc. - include a screen shot from R12855?