Fixed Asset Depreciation to a Subledger


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I noticed that when doing an asset transfer, you can specify a subledger
type and account. I attempted to transfer an asset's depreciation expense to
subledger type A (Address Book) and Account 6657 (the specific address book
that I wanted to record the depreciation expense to). Yet when I run
depreciation in final mode, my report shows no subledger type or account the
expense is recording to, nor does the JE (the Subledger is blank on the
expanded field).

I also noticed that a subledger type is not an option when setting up the
fixed asset to be depreciated. Has anyone tried to use the transfer (single
or mass) to begin recording depreciation expense to a specific address book?



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We use subledger and subledger type. What you have to do is when you
make the cost journal entry for the asset, you have to specify the subledger
and subledger type there. The depreciation calculation program will look at
the COST account in the F1202 file (for the current fiscal year, of course).
If your cost information is in there with no subledger/subledger type
information, you would need to journal out of the blank subledger for cost
and accumulated depreciation (and perhaps depreciation expense too, if that
is a concern) and to the subledger values. I would suggest doing that at
the very start of a fiscal year, though we have done it in the middle of a
fiscal year. You have to be very careful if you have multiple depreciation
ledger types, and especially if one depreciation type is a tax one with
current year depreciation method instead of inception to date method. It is
a very tricky thing to handle, and we struggled with that before getting it
To sum up, you have to have the cost record in F1202 containing the
subledger information.

John Dickey