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I have been using BSFN B96701 for years from XE to 8.12 on just about every platform out there. I am at a client now where it will not work on the server side. It works fine on the fat client. I tried another one B0800750 and it returns the same thing no matter if it finds it or not. Currently I am developing on 8.11 TR 8.95.?, unix, oracle. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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here's what Customer Connection has to say about that BSFN:
E1: BSFN: B96701FindStringInString Fails on Server
Details: SOLUTION ID: 200883273: E1: BSFN: B96701FindStringInString Fails on Server

Client is using BSFN B96701FindStringInString in his custom object, and it works fine locally. However, when run on the Enterprise Server, they get an error message that <FindStringInString> is a Client Only Business Function and cannot run on the Server. When launched in a custom application from HTML, they get the Microsoft Internet Explorer error:
There was a problem with the server while running the business function FindStringInString.

Why are we getting these errors?

B96701 FindStringInString is specifically designed for Internal Use Only and is designed to run only on the client.

BSFN B0500690 (Is String In String) is a client/server business function and can be used for this purpose. This function takes two input values, search term (SzStringToFind, DL01) and the string to search in (SzFromString, DESC2000) and returns 1 or 0 if the string was found or not (CWasStringFound, EV01)."

SPECIFIC TO: EnterpriseOne


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Thank you so much. I thought I had scoured every conceivable BSFN but obviously missed one.

Yes after digging into the one that failed I could see that it was used for internal purposes and is very bloated with useless code for what is needed.

Thanks again,

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