find browse totalling


my requirement is ..i have a find&Browse form and i want to do the totalling after each time level breaks..for the particular field such as AG(amount gross)


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Hi Prav,

No sir/ mam in JDEList ! ( I'm just kidding) :p

It is very simple as ABC.

For example your level break field is MCU.
You have to know when the level break happens using two variables frm_BusUnit_Prev, frm_BusUnit_Current

1. Initialize frm_BusUnit_Prev="" in 'Dialog is Initialized' event. Set total variable to 0
2. Set frm_BusUnit_Current = BC Business Unit in 'Write Grid Line-Before' event. Accumulate total variable.
3. Check if frm_BusUnit_Prev != frm_BusUnit_Current, insert grid buffer row to the current position. Reset total variable.

Hope this help !