Financial Statements SQL Query - F0006 F0901 F0902

First post on this site. Inherited a OneWorld Xe environment on Microsoft SQL Server. Need to pull in via SQL query from F0006 F0901 F0902. Anyone have this query available to read in balance sheet and P&L data? Basically trying to do an M&A financial roll-up to a new company defined in another ERP.
To add a little more clarity I'm trying to pull from Microsoft SQL 2000 server into SQL (Reporting) or Infor SX.e Progress DB (Primary ERP). Daily financial balance sheet, profit and loss (P&L), trial balance, and cash flow. Starting with Balance Sheet.


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you're not going to get an answer because its not just a simple query. I'd want money to come up with what your asking because its going to take some time and effort plus a lot more information from you.