financial reports and Xe


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We have tons of custom financial reports that were created with the financial report writer. Since the Xe upgrade, we have had so many issues with these reports.

For example:
1. The zero suppression option that was checked on in B7322 is checked off in Xe.

2. The variance signs are wrong in Xe, but they were correct in B7322.

3. The actual amount (AA)and budget amount (BA) columns runs with one ledger type.

Have anyone seen these issues or similar type of issues with the financial report writer?


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CO on SQL 7.0
I know on the zero suppress you have to go into design and change the space
before to 1 instead of zero for the zero suppress to work correctly. We had
all sorts of Smart Field problems with our Financial Rpts right after we
started the upgrade. I haven't encountered the others. Hope this


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There seems to be a host of problems if you search on Tabular Reports on the KG. We have had trouble with Custom Do Sections and edit codes.

Hoping for some SP16 (or whatever) relief.

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