Financial Report Goes Haywire in Production


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I'm working through an issue were a report that was working in Production - has suddenly gone haywire.

Recently I was asked the make the PDF a little wider, so all columns would fit on a report. I changed the Print Properties of the report and versions and pushed forward to Production.

The Financial Report Level-Breaks on OBJ, only.

- When tested in DV - all looked great
- When tested in PY - all looked great
- When run in Production - all-holy-hades-grenades happened. The Sequencing/Level break is way haywire... It acts like it's level-breaking on company.obj.sub or worse... Object.Subs are displaying and not in any specific order.

We refreshed PD Data to the lower environments - and the report still looks and behaves in the lower environments.

We have pushed the objects through the promotion cycles - several times, and the only place the report is bonkers - is Production.

I'm out of ideas... Standard Financial BSVW and fairly standard financial report...


Wow Daniel. My initial thought was "Glad it happened to you - not me". Second thought was "sux to be you".

Seriously though have you tried deleting the server spec files (after stopping services) and let them be created? Sounds like the spec files may be corrupted. May also want to clear/move the contents of the RuntimeCache folder also or first for that UBE.
... You may want to focus on clearing/deleting the UBE RuntimeCache folder first. Package Deployment is SUPPOSED to clear that, but obviously things aren't working as they should:

"The folder ...\spec\runtimeCache is used to store the persistent TAM cache files for UBE specs e.g. GBRLINK, GBRSPEC, RDASPEC and RDATEXT. The folder ...\spec\UBEOverride is used to store version override specifications e.g. Data Selection, Data Sequencing overrides. "

Another suggestion. Create a completely new version and try running the UBE with that.
Wow Daniel. My initial thought was "Glad it happened to you - not me". Second thought was "sux to be you".

At first I thought, simply SQL Packages (oh, did I say this is an iSeries)??

I've read, elsewhere - that TAM specs could be the issue.

When we find the solution - I'll share back to the community...

Scott - I think it's because I go looking for them.

... ever seen that cartoon where the deer has a birthmark in the shape of a target? Yeah... that's me... When my daughter completes her Tattoo Apprenticeship - I'm getting a target....
I think the resolution is going to be the Sort Sequence of the Financial Report.

Currently, the sequence is OBJ (only). An Apprentice with the Powers of Obiwan saw something in the JDE General Accounting Guide - stating that Financial Reports have to contain, minimally, OBJ.SUB, for LOD issues.

If this pans out, and I think it will, it has been a fluke that the report worked correctly in the lower environments.

A couple more steps to Production, and I'll confirm the resolution. AND, as a general practice - I guess we are supposed to always Sort/Sequence Financial Reports with OBJ.SUB.