Financial Annual Close - No opening for Balance Sheet


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Dear List,

We are trying to run our annual close for year 2000 and ran into the
following problems :

1. The calculation of retained earnings is correct on the report BUT it
updates that figure at the balance forward
and net postings. It has disregarded previous year's. By right it's
supposed to be an accumulation of all the previous

2. All balance sheets items has no brought forward as well.

3. When we ran it again, our retained earnings just doubled with other
balance sheet items brought forward figures
remain as zeroes.

We have put in all the recommended SARs for Y2K and have ran the annual
close successfully even multiple times for 1999 when
we were in 2000. Last month we tried another time for 1999 and we are also
hit with this same problem.

Has anyone experienced this ? I have worked with JDE RL to undo those paper
fixes and tried but it didn't help.


Sook Fun, Woo
Shriro (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd
OneWorld B732.2, SP 12.2
HP UX 11.0, Oracle 8.0.4