File path from processing option


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Hello there

We are planning to change our fileserver and wondering if there is a way to get the applications which use the UNC path for the current server so we change accordingly. Which table contains or any tool I can use? I have documentation for some applications but want to know in case we may miss in any.

Another area which I already taking care is F47002 (Flat File Cross-Reference).

Thanks in advance


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There is a tool by Everest software for extracting out all your Processing Options to a pdf or Excel. IIRC it works for Applications as well as UBEs.


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I think the R98306 will also print out all the processing option values. From there, you can search the PDF file output to find the server name.


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Thanks Jeremy
Yes you are correct i believe that will give me what I need, getting error while running the application and will research on that.