File of What sp am i


im looking for that file (txt or ini or inf) where i open and they tell me What SP i am ... like B7333 Sp 15.1


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I thought, it´s in one of the DLLs in the system-directoty...
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Hi John,

You can investigate the logic with FDA in the Dialog is Initialized event of the W00890C "About OneWorld" form of P00890 "On-Line Support Information" application how does it determine it.
FYI: FC Version is the control which will show the SP level.
Hope could be a bit of help.
FORM: About OneWorld [FIX INSPECT] (W00890C)
EVENT: Dialog is Initialized
0001 // Call APIs to get ths info.
0002 FC Version = ""
0003 Get Environment Release
UNDEFINED -> szEnvironment
UNDEFINED -> szCodePath
FC Release <- szReleaseNumber
UNDEFINED <- cDataFieldErrorCode
0004 Get Service Pack Release
UNDEFINED <- szBaseRelease
VA frm_InternalServicePackRelease <- cInternalServicePack
VA frm_External <- nExternalServicePack
VA frm_DotLevel <- nExternalServicePackDotLev
0005 If VA frm_InternalServicePackRelease is equal to <Blank>
Or VA frm_InternalServicePackRelease is equal to <Null>
0006 If VA frm_DotLevel is equal to <Blank>
Or VA frm_DotLevel is equal to <Null>
0007 FC Version = [VA frm_External]
0008 Else
0009 FC Version = concat([VA frm_External],concat(".",[VA frm_DotLevel] ))
0010 End If
0011 Else
0012 FC Version = [VA frm_InternalServicePackRelease]
0013 End If

B7332 SP11, ESU 4116422, Intel NT4, SQL 7 SP1
(working with B7321, B7331, XE too)