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File Limitation on AS/400 GBRSPEC for ERP8.0


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There seems to be a file limitation size on the GBRSpec for 8.0 because it is within the IFS for version ERP 8.0. This is causing issues in our production environment.

I have started deleting reports from the system that we do not use as a method to buy us sometime before we complete an upgrade. When deleting reports through OMW, I have noticed that in the Central Objects tables F98740 and F98741 are not being deleted. The F98741 is the table causing the errors. Has anyone had this issue? Can I delete the records directly from F98740 and F98741? Any other suggestions.


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I remember there being a document on the Knowledge Garden a few years ago on how to remove unnecessary records from those tables to limit the size of the GBRSPEC file. If I find it I'll post it here.

How big is the file?


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Please post it if you find it. We are at 2.1 gig and our production machine is crashing a couple times a day. I also can't get some of the base reports deleted that we don't use....