"File F03B14 in Use" in P03B102


\"File F03B14 in Use\" in P03B102

Hi List,

I've this following problem..

In the standard Receipts Entry (P03B102) , after all the process is done, we
are trying to update the A/R check detail file (F03B14) with a new business

The custom code is in the OK - Post Button Clicked Event.
This is just a table I/O to update the F03B14 with the new Business Unit.
Update statement goes with all the key fields (PYID & RC5).

When we put this in debug, the control comes here , just hangs there for few
seconds, then error out "File F03B14 in Use".

This custom Table I/O statement is the last code in the OK - Post Button
Clicked Event. The End Doc BSFN call is done before this Table I/O
statement and that is also SYNC. process. but still it gives "File F03B14 in
Use" message.

There is no other log or info available.

Wondering if any one came across with this issue...

Config : Xe. S.P 14.2 , AS/400.




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Re: \"File F03B14 in Use\" in P03B102

Hi Prads,
Maybe the EndDoc BSFN do not close/unlock sometehing correctly or the transaction scope is larger then this form.

my two cents:
1.) Try to close the tables explicitily before your update.
2.) Open your table and set the "include transaction" for the open statement before you issue the update and close the table.

They were just silly ideas and weren't tried, but who knows, maybe could work. Please, let us know that yes or not. Thanks.

Good luck,

B7332 SP11, ESU 4116422, Intel NT4, SQL 7 SP1
(working with B7321, B7331, XE too)