field Descriptions.


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OW Version B7331 SP7

The oneworld database is on the AS/400 and I was wondering if it is normal when I go
into the files from the AS/400 if the fields are suppose to have descriptions. None of
the files have fields descriptions and none of the files have text descriptions.

If this is normal why is it setup in this manner.

Rob Ledoux


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You can assign Alpha, Row and Column descriptions to the data items using the Data Dictionary applications, further you can assign language overrides too.
All description and language override are stored centralized making easier to manage changes.
Alpha descriptions and language overrides are stored in F9203 table, Row and Column descriptions and language overrides are stored in F9202 table.
OneWorld engines handle the descriptions and there is no way to assign differrent descriptions to the same data item in different tables.
You can override descriptions every other place where you use them, e.g. Processing Options, Data Structures, Interactive and Batch applications.

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It is normal. It is because all the files are created with SQL CREATE TABLE commands (instead of DDS) and the ON LABEL is not used.

I have a cheezy utility which will read the DD and run the ON LABEL for all fields in all files in a library.

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