Fetch Single misbehaving


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We're Coexistent at on an AS400 V4R4.
It appears that the Fetch Single for the F0101 in MBF N0100041 used in
the Fixed/Inspect form of the Address Book Revision is misbehaving. If
we make a change to ALPH or 'Name - Alpha' in World and then enquire on
that change in OneWorld, first time through its appears fine. Then
second time we make the change and then enquire the F0101.Fetch Single
rolls back to FC Name Alpha which has been correctly populated from the
Business View to the value of the first change.
Here's a test matrix showing the values in the FC 'Name - Alph' first
changed in World and then enquired apon in OneWorld

Go World Before Fetch Single After Fetch
1 World1 World1
2 World2 World2
3 World3 World3

What really makes this weird is I can copy the problem from environment
to environment by copying the CALLBSFN dll which contains this MBF.
Has anyone seen this sort of thing before?
If so, do you have a fix?
Robert Fletcher
AS400 V4R4 Coexistence SP15.1