Features in Package Deployment


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Hi List,

Has anyone managed to get the "Features" option in the Package Builder to
work. I need to get the JDE.INI update to work. We will soon be rolling
out SP16.1 & I'd like to send out a second package after it that contains a
"feature" that will update the UBEQueue for different deployment groups.

I have defined my feature correctly I think (documentation is awful) & when
I accept the package the date + time of the .ini (in NT) DOES change but the
queue doesn't get set to my new value.

I tried JDE but...well I've tried JDE

Any help would be appreciated

/ Ian

Xe, NT, SP16.1 (soon), Oracle 8.1.6

Xe, Oracle 8, NT


I remembered that there's an ESU needed to loaded into the XE, to make the features in package deployment to work properly. after applying it, changes to jde.ini can be deployed. Try to call JDE RL to get the particular ESU number.