Features available to me on 9.0 using TR


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Hi guys,

We are on E1 9.0 and have just installed TR in DV and PY.

We are in the process of showing the users the new features, so things like pages, watch lists etc. However things like Hover Forms and Auto Suggest aren't working.

Is there anyone else on the same config setup as me, or does anyone know what features in the TR are not available to us due to us being on 9.0




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Hi John,

Both the features you are looking at - Auto Suggest and Hover Forms are available with Application Release 9.1 and above only. The below documents from the Oracle Support site confirm this.

E1: FDA: How to Enable and Use Hover Viewer Forms with 9.1 Applications (Doc ID 1451431.1)
E1: GRID: Auto Suggest Feature in EnterpriseOne 9.1 Application Release (Doc ID 1480526.1)

There is not a complete list of these , but you can use this link from the Oracle Learning Library to compare two releases


(requires oracle support credentials , once inside , select begin portal , then select the product and then compare releases)

If you are not licensed for OneView Reporting today then a word of caution about using Watchlists in Production. This feature is part of the OneView foundation from a licensing perspective , so on paper every user that will use a Watchlist in Production requires a OneView Foundation License. The system will of course not restrict you in any way in setting up and using Watchlists even if you don't have the required licenses.