FDA Resolution problem


E1 9.1 on MS platform - I have a custom application with several forms that behave correctly when I run it on my Fat client local Web. When I deploy to the server and run it, a FIX/INSPECT form is not displaying with the correct resolution, it is smaller than it should be. All forms are set to 800X600 size so I don't see why this one should be different. Anyone have any ideas regarding other settings within FDA that might affect this.
I *think* that setting 800x600, etc. is just a guide in FD and doesn't actually affect how the form is rendered in the browser??? I might be wrong about that. If your form is a power form, power forms tend to be a little more WYSIWYG then the old forms. In other words, make sure that you have the form size at least as big as the 800x600 FDA blue guide lines. It seems like with the grid at least, with the old forms you could have a small grid in FDA but it would fill the entire screen when rendered in the browser. For a powerform if you have a small grid it is small in the browser as well.
Yes, this 800x600 is just a guide in FDA (shown as a blue rectangle).

Can you please attach the screenshot ?
Hi All,

Can anyone provide me the solution for above problem?

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