Fat client on a virtual machine question

James Monroe

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We are on E1 9.0, tools

We have one developer, me, with a E1 fat client on my laptop. We have two JDE BAs that would also like fat client access also. They however have PeopleTools installed on their laptop so we are running into some issues installing both. So we would like to install a fat client on a virtual machine so they could have access to review file specs, code logic, etc.

My question may be very basic, but I've never done an install on a VM machine and was wondering how that would work if we have two people trying to access this fat client at the same time. Do we need to set up one VM machine for each of our two BAs, or if we set up just one, would that mean only one of them could log in that machine and fat client at the same time. May sound like an ignorant question, but just never worked with a fat client other than having it installed on a PC.

A second question is how have others handled requests where non-developers have requested fat client access.


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We have our fat clients on Hyper-V. Two users can't use the same VM simultaneously. They get the ODBC login box. So I'd recommend that you use two different VMs. As far as BAs using fat clients, we find it is necessary, so the BAs get a fat client that do NOT have visual studio installed, this saves on licensing costs.

Hope this helps

David Robertson

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Fat clients on VMs work fine. One person at a time. It is technically possible to have multi-user fat clients and we used to do that, but it's more trouble than it's worth, and rolling out multiple VM's is much simpler.

BA's and application consultants will sometime need access to a fat client, perhaps for versions, menus, security, research, depending on job roles, and normally into PY.

Be very careful with any fat client into PD, or indeed any fat client regardless of environment, as they are technically a security back door.
For places strict/audited security, anyone with fat client/dev tools access should not have PD access at all, or at the very least have different system user IDs.