Fat client installation (10+ char machine name)


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Hello there

When I install fat client there is a message that recommends size of the machine name should be 10 characters or below.
Just wondering if the machine size is more than 10 characters what would be the impact?

I have not seen any difference but wondering.

The FAT client it self will function fine , but there are several places in E1 where a machine ID field is limited to 10 characters.

Take for example the JOBN DD item which is used in many tables as an audit field to show from which machine the update was done. If you have a machine name longer than 10 characters then it will be truncated to 10 characters .

Since most updates happen from the web or enterprise server now , the impact is less , but technical programs can still be used from a FAT client and you might be in a situation where you cannot accurately identify from where an update was done.