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FASTR Training

We're running financials with about 25 staff accountants. We do our own
internal training for FASTR's about three times a year, depending on how
many new people have come in. Obviously, it's much cheaper to do it
internally, and the person running the class can use actual examples from
the business that tend to be understood better than if someone from outside
comes in. I just led a class last Tuesday, more or less going through all
the FASTR screens and having them create six different FASTR's, four without
rows and two with rows. This seems to work well as it's a good stepping
stone for the people who will be using FASTR's most of the time and the rest
of them, well, they remember some things, but if you don't use FASTR's at
least once a week or so you start forgetting pretty quickly. The class
covered everything except for creating JE's and cell specs.

Tim Miller
Financial Systems Analyst
Gentiva Health Services
A7.3 cume 11