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FASTR Question



I'm relatively new to JDE and the organization I'm working with and I'm trying to extract the contents of our FASTR reports (which all seem to be called TESTFASTR) and I'm wondering if F8303 and F8305 are the correct files to be looking at?

From what I see F8303 contains the "header" information for the report and F8305 contains the "details", but when I look in F8305 I don't see the same information that appears on our reports. Here's an example, our report TESTFASTR 1 has lines for Salaries, Depreciation and Telephone, but when I look in F8305 I see definitions for Salaries, Depreciation, "Tel & Tel" and Legal Fees. It's almost like I'm not seeing the latest definition of the file/FASTR specification.

Any help would be appreciated.


Alex Blasenheim

Well Known Member
You need to address this in the World forum. I know FASTR and you are going to be pulling out your hair the way you are approaching this.


I've reposted in the World forum (correct one I think) ... I actually don't find it that hard. I can replicate the data in SQL using the F8305 report specifications that are they, but they look significantly different than the reports that we print. It's almost like the definitions in F8305 aren't up to date. What I see in F8305 is fairly different in terms of layouts (10-15% of R5DSCR's in F8305 don't match what on the reports and people tell me those were old headings ... I'm 1 month in my new role).