Failed to launch local web on 64-bit dev client with E8.11 TR8.96.23

Ian Taylor

Has anyone been able to get a dev client setup completely (design tools, debugger, local webdev) on E811, TR8.96.x to run on Win2k8R2 64-bit?

I am trying to do something that is unsupported by a E8.11 TR8.96.23 dev client on Win2k8 R2 64-bit terminal server. I have the multi-user part figured out with multiple E811 folders, custom jde.ini and jdbc.ini files, and custom local db's. Everything seems to work individually, ie, I can manually start the OC4J web server, and login to JDV811 and run apps. And, the fat client with FDA, RDA, and Debugger are working. However, the "Run HTML" button (and "Tools"-"EnterpriseOne Menus") won't open Internet Explorer. In the LocalWeb_JDE log file, it says "Failed to open registry key for Internet Explorer" (and "Failed to Launch E1 Menu on HTML Engine", respectively)

So, there seems to be some problem with the jdk starting the browser. I saw one thing to try was to add a registry key "win32" pointing a TypeLib to C:\Windows\SysWOW64\ieframe.dll. Tried that, but no change.

Opening manually would be OK, except that debugger for the local web doesn't work if you login to DV811 on the fat client, and JDV811 on the local web:
1)Logging in to DV811 on the local web makes the toolbar buttons disappear
2)Logging in to JDV811 on the local fat client causes BSFN mapping issues.

(I never knew before that you could even use Debugger for local web, but my developer showed me it working on his XP workstation, and he uses it regularly)