F43121 Corruption of APTD values


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Just thought I'd let you know about SAR # 5087248, which deals with corruption of the APTD values in the F43121 table. (The SAR was originally included in ESU # 10960, which has been superseded by ESU # 11180.)

The problem we encountered was on multi-line PO's which were completely received, but then only some of the lines were vouchered and paid. The payment group update program (R04575) calls a business function, B0400076, which is supposed to update voucher records with payment information. However, it was "dribbling" the APTD value from the first record on down through ALL the F43121 records for that PO, whether they were vouchered or not.

This SAR does seem to address this issue, as I tested it successfully in Prototype. However, I am now left with the mess of trying to clean up the APTD values in the F43121 table. Unfortunately, as best I can tell, the "voucher detail" for vouchers matched against PO's, is stored in the F43121 table -- the very one which is corrupted. Does anyone know of any other table in which voucher detail information is stored? From the F43121 table, I have valid voucher #, type, and suffix (i.e. line#) values, but can't find any file like a voucher detail for these type of vouchers, so I can recalculate the correct values for APTD.

I hope this helps and/or alerts you if you are running XE and A/P with voucher matching. Please let me know if you have any suggestions on cleanup. Thank you.

Don Sauve
Wagstaff, Inc.
OW XE, SP15.1, HP-UX 11.0, Oracle 8.1.6


Don, our company was the one who originally discovered the dribbling APTD.
Our experience has been that the SAR does correct the problem going forward,
however it will not clean up the data already corrupt. We have approx. 8800
lines that are corrupt, and it was decided to leave it as is, because of the
effort involved in correcting it was not worth it. In regards to other
tables, check the F43199. It has a record of just about everything that
could happen to a PO. If we were to correct our corrupt data, we would use
the F43199, F4311, F0411, F0414, F43121, to track down what exactly had been
paid on the PO and then update APTD.

Brian Martens
Marshall Erdman & Associates.


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Ah, yes, this sounds like some nasty stuff we have seen. As to "voucher
detail" and APTD, table F43121 is it. (Unless you have a one-line voucher in
which case field AG, amount gross, in F0411 is the same $.) However, you can
reconstruct APTD. You are working with the records in F43121 with a "2" in
field MATC, and "3" which are voucher reversals. And use the LNID line
number. By multiplying PRRC unit price times UPTD quantity vouched you get
APTD $ vouched. (Note that PRRC changes when you have a voucher match
difference, from the PRRC PO price in the receipt record with MATC = 1.)
Should work OK. Might be different by some rounding.

Dave Mallory Denver Water


Re: RE: F43121 Corruption of APTD values


Sorry to revisit such an old post but we were late in discovering the "dribbling APTD" issue and are just now trying to fix our data. Unfortunately, our PRRC field in the F43121 appears to be corrupt for the PO's that were affected by this issue. Do you know of another field we could use to calculate the accurate APTD?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!