F4311 LNID using different formats with different Doc Types


Hello All-
First time posting, I did my best to search beforehand but couldn't find anything regarding this.

I am working with a company that uses HomeBuilder in 9.1, which is new to me. They use R44H7113 to create commitments from "Lots", however, when I look at the F4311 for these records I am seeing LNID in different formats for different order types. Which is something I have never seen before.

For example, in F4311, DCTO: OC has a LNID of 1000 in UTB.
But, DCTO: ON has a LNID of 1.

It looks as if the workfile (F44H711) is also displaying this data as a single character like the ON example in the F4311.

I can't figure out how the format could differ from the data dictionary setup. If we enter the commitment directly in P4310 it uses the correct LNID format (1000).

Can anyone point me in a good direction to troubleshoot? I confirmed that the F44H711 and F4311 are getting populated using UBEs, there is no direct data inserts or anything like that.