F4211Begindocument Issue on Sales Order Screen


While enter an order on P574210 (P4210 modified) and I enter the data on the grid I get the next issue:


I have installed the BF F4211 Begin Document on our server and it’s working on my development machine but not in real,

Do I need to do something else after deploy the package with the objects?
I have tried to do a package with only the BF and another one with the BF and the screen.

I can't access your image from here.
What version of E1?

If it runs local but not on the web, it would appear to have not been installed on the server (local will have BSFN's mapped local for DEFAULT).
I have already edited the link on the previous post.
The JDE version is E910.

I have deploy the package on the server and no errors appears on the pdf extract
Is this a copy of P4210? In all honesty you are going to regret doing a copy and mod of P4210 - actually in most cases you will regret doing a copy and mod of anything.

For your specific issue, I would check first to make sure that you have identical versions for both P4210 and P574210. For every P574210 version you must have an identically named P4210 version and each and every processing option will need to have an identical values. Failure to have identical values will lead to all sorts of unexpected behavior and frustration.

This version dual maintenance nightmare is only the start of the pain you are going to experience by doing a copy and mod of P4210.
Thank you B0ster for your help, finally I have deploy a Full package on my enviorenment and it works! maybe there is something that I was missing, but after the deploy everything goes correct.