E9.2 F4211.GLC not getting updated

Priya R

Hello Sales Order experts,

We have an existing integration between JDE ( and a third party system to create Sales Orders in JD. Now the business is requiring the ability to update F4211.GLC.
I added F4211FSEditLinePreProcess before the F4211FSEditLine and passed GLC but it still pulls value from F4102.GLPT.

Here is what I am passing to the EditLinePreProcess ---

F4211 Pre Process Values For Edit Line
BF szComputerID <> BF szComputerID
BF mnJobNumber <> BF mnJobNo
BF mnWFLineNumber_LNIX <> BF mnWFLineNo
BF szOrderCompany <> BF szKeyCo
BF OrderNumber <> BF mnOrderNo
BF szOrderType <> BF szOrderType
VA evt_LineNumberPassthrough_lnid <> BF mnLineNo
BF szGlClass -> BF szGlClass
BF cCMUseWForCacheToUpdate -> BF cUseCacheOrWF_EV01 (BF cCMUseWForCacheToUpdate has a value of 1)
BF mnProcessID -> BF mnProcessID
BF mnTransactionID -> BF mnTransactionID

From the debug log I can see the new GLC value mapped to EditLinePreProcess being inserted to table F42UI12.
lpds4200310B->szGlClass does not seem to be getting the value from F42UI12 and remains blank till it hits line #5594 in B4200311 when I debug the BSFN.

jdeStrcpy((JCHAR *)(lpds4200310B->szGlClass),
(const JCHAR *)(lpds4200310B->lpdsF4102->ibglpt));

GLC is also mapped in F4211FSEditLine and BF cWKSourceOfData is set to a 4.

Any help is appreciated!

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Priya R

To add to the above --

idReturnAPIValue = F42UI12Index2_FetchKeyed(lpdsF42UI12DAO,3,lpDS->szComputerID,lpDS->mnJobNo,


The above line in B4200310 is returning an error '078M'.

Priya R

Figured it out. Being a newbie I called the F4211FSEditLinePreProcessor before F4211FSEditLine. It is supposed to be called after. It is updating F4211.GLC as expected now.