E9.0 F4211 ClearWorkFile problem

R Gomes

Hi all,

I'm facing a problem related to 042 module during sales update. This started just "out of the blue".

There is no log or information available and the message is pretty much confused pointing to a F4211ClearWorkFile or something. The R42800 and P4210 just stop with no message at all...all of them use the "loadandretreivehdrcommcache" bsf; that's the only information provided by the system. The grey screen bellow appears (sorry, its in portuguese)

Tks in advance,


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Locally or on server? If locally, try doing a full busbuild with the clean option. If on server try doing a full build. You should get a log with a call stack dump that should give you a better idea of what is causing the seg fault. If you can reproduce locally, debug the function to see what is causing it to crash.