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Client went 2 months with some salespersons missing in the F42140 file. We entered the sales persons in the F42140, and now the sales records are showing and calculating properly in the F42005. however, we want to capture orders that were "missed" during a 2 month period where the salespeople were not set up in the F42140.

I have these "missed" orders, and I have created a spreadsheet that matches the F42005. For the CMLN field I simply determined the next number in the sequence (field is calculated and does not use NN). I tried entering 1 order (7 lines) using a Headerless Detail for, but the next day, I had 7 additional new records with the same LINE NUMBER (CMLN) for a different order(s). I'm assuming when Sales Update ran, it created the new records and "ignored" the same CMLN that I had put in.

So, after some looking through BSFN, it looks like JDE is calculating the CMLN by loading the table into cache, and adding 1 to the number of records. I cannot figure out why the records I added, were not "seen" when the new records were added. I would assume that when Sales Update runs, it loads the cache with the records from the F42005, which would have picked up my new records, and would have incremented the records accordingly.

So, my question is - Does anyone know how to manually add records to the F42005, and how to get the CMLN to number appropriate on next Sales Update Run?
we used bsfn "F42140 Accessor Function" to add new sales rep with out an issue. We used this function in a UBE and supplied source.

Edited - Ignore my reply if you are looking for entries into commissions table F42005
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