F4115 updation in P4205


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Hello All,

Thanks for your help. I understand from reading JDE Doc that F4115 is updated by P4205( Item History FAQ (F4115/P4115/P43230/P40040) (Doc ID 1338022.1)). I need to study that code or BSFN for a related modification. So I took code dump of P4205 to check any BSFN for F4115, I even took at Debug Log to see any traces where F4115 is updated. I find none. Surely some where it would be updated, but unable to find it.

XF4115 - Update Item Sales History updates F4115. But i dont find it anywhere in P4205.

Yes there are setups in P40040 to avoid updation. It looks I am overlooking something. Any idea what i am missing or where is F4115 getting update during the Shipment Process.