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F41021/PBIN/Stock Status Report


Dear list,

I am trying to customize a stock status report. Among other requirements, the most important is to have on one line the primary and the secondary location along with their quantities.
The way report is printing now it is adding two lines, one for primary and the other for secondary location.

In F41021, there is a column PBIN. One row will have P for primary and second will have S for secondary. I would like a way to combine these two records/rows in one line on my report.

Would appreciate all the help I can get.


OneWorld Xe, Update 2, SQL 7.0, Windows 2000, Applied all base line ESUs



What I would do is filter the records to select only the Primary locations (there should always be one) and add some logic in the "Do section" event of the report to get the quantities for the secondary locations (there might be none or more than one). Something like:

F41021.Select(pass the Branch, Item Number and PBIN='S') to select only the secondary locations

F41021.Fetch.Next to get the quantity and pass it to a report variable on that line. (once again you might have to loop here as long as you find records in case you have several secondary locations)

Hope this helps



One World XE SP18 AS400