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F3003 Routing Data Conversion


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We are running out Routing Data conversion through the z-files and it is taking roughly 40 hours to complete this process. Is there anything we can do to speed this up?? What are the repocutions of hitting the file directly instead of going through the z-file?

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Are you loading a large number of records (100,000+) into an empty routing table ?
Are you running the process on the enterprise sever (as400) ?

If so - try this:

First run the Z process and only load a small number of records (say about 5,000 - 10,000 records).

Then, after that process completes, have your Operations (or CNC) guys delete the As400 'SQL Package' related to the UBE. The SQL package will reside on the as400 in library QGPL and will have the same name as the UBE.

After that is done, then run the Z process and load all of the remaining records.

This action will cause OW to rebuild the sql package and will give it much better information in which to decide how to optimize the table accesses (whether or not to use certain indexes).

Before we did this, the Customer Master (R03010z) load was processing about 13,000 customers an hour. After trying this, the load ran at a speed of about 50,000 customers per hour.

See JDE knowledge garden document "oti-00-0171 Performance Alert- Z File UBE performance improvements".


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We have loaded data from a text file directly into the F3003 table and have experienced no problems. Be careful though and consider the following :
1) Validate item number in F4101
2) Validate Item/Branch in F4102
3) Validate Workcentre in F30006
4) Get Business Unit Master Description from F0006
5) Do not forget to also load data into the F3003T tag file.
I would however suggest you turn on debugging and insert one routing manually. From the debug log you would be able to verify sql inserts and updates. It takes us approx 6 hours to load 160000 records - running the UBE locally.

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