I'm building an interface to the F0911Z1 and the JDE documentation that I downloaded says to manually import a CSV file into a newly created table in the local jdeb7.mdb database. I want a thin client to be able to run this interface and one who isn't very technical. Is anyone using Access to append the transactions directly to the F0911Z1? And, if so, do I need the same fields populated as I do for Batch Invoice Processing?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

JDE OW XE/SP20_F1/Update 7/AS400 V5R4


Hi Lori,
I have done some interface to the F0911Z1. You can insert the F0911Z1 directly and use R09110Z to write into F0911.
You can run P0911Z1 at G09311 to see which column need to be written into F0911Z1 , then you should fill these coumns from Access.
Good Luck !


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That is good advice on the other reply. Use the OW interface to enter records and then check the table in access to see exactally what fields are populated by that process.

The reason I am responding is we have had to also populate the F0041Z1 table in some cases to get the UBEs that process the records to work so look at that table too.

I also think we had an issue insuring that we populated the machine and user names with valid names, but that may or may not be true - there may have been other issues corrected at the same time I went down that path...