A7.3 F0117 Postal (ZIP) code corrections/additions/deletes

How do you keep your F0117 Postal (ZIP) code file up-to-date and current with corrections/adds/deletes from the U.S. Postal Service and Canada? (cannot use Worksright.com database)

My current technique is that I CPYF from F55ZIP to F0117 with the *NOCHK parm. F55ZIP is our custom Zip code database formatted so that its first 8 columns are identical to the columns in F0117.

Last year we purchased from ZipInfo.com a simple text file in comma-separated value format with almost a million rows
of U.S. and Canadian Postal Codes (ZIP codes) for less than $200. I uploaded it to our IBM i into DB2 and created F55ZIP table. Added additional columns for data of interest to Ameristar (our sales rep names, etc.)

The CPYF technique to F0117 *NOCHK enables JDE programs to run unmodified. Custom appps use F55ZIP table as needed.