F00095 Object Reservations



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So there appears to be two different function that will reserve objects in F00095(possibly more?)




Do You use either,Which do you use?(or just table IO) Why? They seem very similar.

Oracles take

E1: BSFN: Record Reservation Related Business Functions in EnterpriseOne (Doc ID 1289755.1)
I maybe wrong, but it looks like n0000602 is more commonly used than the b03b0291

The system code gives you a clue. It looks like b03b0291 is just used in 03B objects whereas the other NER is used all over the place.

My advice would be to stay away from the 03B and use the more generic 00 BSFN
I have used Object Reservation frequently in the past and always use N0000602. Two reasons....one is what John mentioned in a prior post and the other, and most important, N0000602 is what JDE uses when they implement Object Reservation in their APPLs.
Thanks all. N0000602 it is. I bugs me that the it doesn't throw any errors. Instead the szReserversApplication gets some data in it.