E9.2 Extract JDE PDF from JDE Server and copy to File server

report name_version_job_pdf.pdf
es server output catalogue find
Hello coolkl,

As per my understanding, you want to save output PDF generated by execution of report on server to be saved on Local Folder . And you want to do this without Orchestration or BI Publisher.

You can do this by using Business functions Open Flat File , Write One Line to Flat File & Close Flat File.

Open flat file in Initialize section of Driver section(I/P cAppendMode=1 , Give path where you want to store output, O/P is File Pointer ).

In Do Section, create a string variable with report scope & concat all the record values & store it in this variable. In this event use BSFN Write One Line to Flat File(I/P File Pointer , Concanated string also as input to szRecord) .

In End section , use Close Flat File (I/P is file pointer).

Hope this will helps you.

Gauri Shinde